Compounding medications can be anything from making a medication or combination of medications that is not commercially available to just making your medication easier for you to use. Have you been prescribed medication that you find difficult to take due to unwanted side effects, allergies, or other discouraging factors? Engleking Rx provides high-quality pharmaceutical compounding that we can tailor your medication to your own personal needs. We are committed to excellent customer services and putting the extra effort to meet your needs. Stop by the Pharmacy today and see what we can do for you!

​Whether you’re looking for bioidentical replacement hormones or simply wanting to change the dosing or flavor of your medicine. We can personalize your medications without comprising its effectiveness. We’ll compound your prescriptions to your physicians exact specifications and work to make sure our products meets your needs. Do you have trouble swallowing pills? Contact us about compounding it into a liquid. Just one of the many solutions we offer our customers.